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Company History

Sep. 1934 Founded Daito Unyu Co., Ltd. through merger between Ohmura-gumi and Kyokuto Kaiso-ten with a capital of 235 thousand yen
Operation started as a general agency and its related harbor transportation company for Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. in the Keihin area
Feb. 1947 Yokohama Branch opened (former Yokohama Sub-office)
Jul. 1953 Chiba Branch opened (former Chiba Sub-office)
Sep. 1963 Warehousing business started with establishment of Yokohama Ichimonji Warehouse
Feb. 1965 Capital increased to 200 million yen
Jul. 1965 New headquarters building completed
Sep. 1968 Capital increased to 400 million yen
Aug. 1969 Honmoku Container Terminal opened
Oct. 1972 Ohi Container Terminal opened
Jun. 1974 Sodegaura Branch opened (former Sodegaura Sub-office)
Dec. 1974 Marine Safety Service Business in Tokyo Bay started
Sep. 1976 Sodegaura Warehouse (Nagaura Center at present, warehouse and office) opened
Nov. 1979 Ariake Constant Temperature Center (warehouse and office) opened
Jul. 1985 Japan-China integrated intermodal transportation service started
Sep. 1985 Daito Tamachi Building completed. Real estate business started
May 1987 Daito Annex Building completed
Apr. 1989 Ohi Distribution Center (warehouse and office) opened
Mar. 1991 Capital increased to 842.5 million yen
Dec. 1991 Kitasode Center (warehouse) opened
Dec. 1992 Chiba Port Center opened
Apr. 1993 World Distribution Center (warehouse and office) opened(Closed in Mar.2001)
Jun. 1993 Ohi Constant Temperature Center (warehouse and office) opened
Oct. 1993 Company name changed to Daito Corporation
Jan. 1996 Daikoku Distribution Center (warehouse and office) opened
Mar. 1996 Comprehensive distribution center, MD Distripark Manila, Inc., established in the Philippines
Jan. 1998 Ariake International Distribution Center (warehouse and office) opened
Jan. 2000 Sodegaura Branch closed and integrated into Chiba Branch
May 2001 Qingdao Office opened in China(Closed in Sep.2008)
Dec. 2001 Los Angeles Office opened in U.S.A.(Closed in Mar.2009)
Jan. 2002 Hong Kong Office opened in China(Closed in Dec.2008)
Jan. 2002 Strategic Sales Promotion Department and Marine Cargo Sales Section in Marine Cargo Business Department transferred to “K” Logistics Corp. along with establishment of a new distribution company, “K” Logistics Corp., spun off from the parent company, “K” LINE Distribution Holdings, Inc.
Mar. 2002 Ariake Shin-Kokusai Universal Logistics Center (warehouse and office) opened at the site of former Ariake Constant Temperature Center
Aug. 2002 “Business of industrial waste collection, transportation and disposal” added to the purposes in company’s Articles of Association(Deleted in Jun.2016)
Sep. 2002 A tug operation company, Great Eastern Tug Corp., established in Manila, Philippines
Apr. 2003 Tomakomai office in Hokkaido opened
Feb. 2004 Daito basic corporate philosophy established
Jan. 2005 Certification of environmental management system, ISO 14001, acquired
Apr. 2005 Certification of ISO 9001 acquired in all sales departments
Nov. 2005 New headquarters building completed
Nov. 2006 Honmoku Container Terminal moved to Honmoku A5.6 berth
Nov. 2007 Shanghai Office opened in China(Closed in Mar.2019)
Nov. 2008 MD Distripark Manila, Inc. in Philippines became wholly owned subsidiary company
Apr. 2009 Honmoku Distribution Center (warehouse and office) opened
Mar. 2011 Cecurity business was added to the purposes in company's Articles of Association
Mar. 2012 Pilot Building completed
Dec. 2013 Minamisode Distribution center opened
Jun. 2016 Domestic coastal shipping business added to the purpose in the articles of incorporation
Sep. 2016 Authorized by Head of Tokyo Customs as AEO(Authorized Economic Operator)
Oct. 2016 Honmoku Container Terminal moved to Daikoku Container Terminal C-4
Mar. 2017 Nagaura Center(warehouse and office) re-built and opened
Sep. 2017 Sapporo office in Hokkaido opened
Apr. 2021 Daikoku Container Terminal moved to Minamihonmoku Container Terminal
Apr. 2022 Daikoku Car Carrier Terminal Begins Operation