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Tugboat Service


Daito's tugboat services embody safety, efficiency and environmental protection.

Reliability Proven by long history and excellent track record


During the first five decades following the establishment of our tugboat service in Chiba Port in 1952, we expanded our business to include services at the ports of Yokohama and Kawasaki. In more recent years, we started offering tugboat services in Shimizu Port and, as part of our overseas business, in the Philippines (Manila and Batangas).

A safe and powerful fleet Outfitted with high-powered engines and state-of-the-art equipment


We have installed modern, high-output engines in all of our tugboats. In addition, we are promoting the introduction of modern navigational instruments and equipment, including AIS (automatic identification system), and are ready to offer safe and efficient tug services under any circumstances.

Solid skills Backed up by a quality management system (ISO9001)


In May 2005, we became the first tugboat company operating in Tokyo Bay to receive ISO9001 certification. We have been making all out efforts to live up to the trust placed in us by providing "high-quality and efficient services" and a "management system focused on thoroughly safe tugboat operations". In order to ensure smooth communication in English with vessels from abroad, each of our tugboats has an assigned crew-member who holds a certificate of competence as a first-grade special maritime radio operator.

Environmentalism An active approach to the issue of environmental protection


As a certified ISO14001 (environmental management system) company (as of January 2005, for the entire firm), we are endeavoring to tackle actively environmental issues. For example, we have reduced CO2 emissions from our tugboats by installing main engines that comply with exhaust gas regulations, and continue to operate them in as environmentally friendly manner as possible.

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