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Philippine logistics center

We have started an integrated physical distribution business in the Philippines with our partners in 1996 and in the summer of 1999, we completed a state-of-the-art physical distribution center that is equipped with the most advanced information systems. The service of MD Distripark Manila, Inc. (MDD), as the core company, combines with services from MD EXPRESS MANILA,INC.(MDE), which handle customs clearance, transportation and forwarding. Our basic business concept is to develop our company and position ourselves as a leader in the international transportation, logistics and distribution sector throughout the market in the Philippines which is expected to grow in the coming years. At the same time, we intend to solidify and utilize our facilities as a center for the domestic distribution in the Philippines. Situated 45 kilometers south of the city center of Manila in the Laguna Technopark where a large number of Japanese based firms are concentrated, our distribution center, MDD, can easily be identified by its impressive appearance. For our company, our first venture into warehouse facility management overseas demonstrates the future direction of our business development abroad.

  • Philippine logistics center
  • Philippine logistics center

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