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Company Profile

Company Name Daito Corporation
Foundation September 3, 1934
Capital 842.5 million yen
Principal Shareholders Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd.("K"LINE)
Head Office 2-1-13, Shibaura, Minato-Ku, Tokyo
Branch Office Yokohama & Chiba
Business Lines
  1. Harbor transportation
  2. Marine transportation
  3. Shipping agency
  4. International forwarding
  5. Custom brokerage
  6. Harbor tugboat service
  7. Marine safety service
  8. Warehousing
  9. Trucking
  10. Collection, transportation of industrial waste and processing disposal
  11. Insurance agency
  12. Sales of petroleum and its by-products
  13. Repair and overhaul of automobiles, transportation vehicles and equipment.
  14. Manufacture, purchasing, sales brokerage and leasing of ships, marine equipment, automobiles, transportation vehicles and equipment, disaster prevention equipment and other machinery and equipment
  15. Specialized insurance agency per the Automobile Accident Compensation per Security Law
  16. Machine and equipment installation service
  17. Warehouses, land and building rental business
  18. Security business
  19. All Services incidental to above businesses
President Kazuhiro Matsukawa
Personnel 442 (As of Apr. 1, 2017.)
Subsidiaries Company
  • Daito Business and Service Co., Ltd.
  • D.U.K. Tug Service Co., Ltd.
  • Harumi Tug-Boat Co.,Ltd.
  • Shibaura Kaiun Co., Ltd.
  • Chiba Koei Co., Ltd.
  • MD Distripark Manila, Inc.
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